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Ascending into Your Hospitality Career with Minor Hotels.


Gaining relevant experience while progressively climbing the career ladder is unarguably the bane of most millennials’ existence. Minor Hotels has, within the last few years, crafted a management training program that targets that need, the Ascent Graduate Program.

Designed to build raw talent into future industry leaders, the Ascent Graduate Program presents aspiring hoteliers with a unique opportunity to jumpstart their career while gaining experience under powerful & vastly growing brands. With six months spent rotating the major departments in one property, and 12 months spent in your chosen department of specialization in another property, the participants can explore the nooks and crannies of managing teams within the hotel business.

As I complete my 18-month journey on this program, I look back on the gradient of my growth and the plethora of life-long lessons and memories with a smile on my face. I believe this program’s value is based on the following key areas

1.    Exposure – As a people-centric person, I’ve greatly appreciated the opportunity to enhance my understanding of various markets, having been exposed to the hot and bustling Doha, Qatar, and to the scenic but equally busy island life in the Maldives. Engaging with such a great variety of guests and constantly searching for ways to address their needs has led me to discover the depths of my love for hospitality.

2.    Accountability – An extensive system of accountability is put in place, with the use of coaches and ‘buddies’ from all over the world as well as program coordinators. Through this system, participants are paired with the some of most experienced leaders within the Minor family in order to achieve set career goals and ensure that all their activities are flowing cohesively towards those goals, allowing for regular introspection.

3.    Development – I believe the emphasis on talent development within Minor Hotels is unparalleled. Participants get measured against managerial competencies such as their ability to drive for results & building working relationships with relevant stakeholders. More importantly, there are measures in place to ensure you're getting specific support throughout the journey to develop these competencies & prepare you for your future as a manager.

4.    Responsibility – As participants, we are tasked with coming up with property-related projects of their choosing that they oversee from conception to implementation. These projects vary in their scope; from founding sub-departments from scratch to curating new service concepts, the process and responsibility involved help participants develop responsibility that is carefully blended with their own passions and interests.

5.    Locations – I’ve been incredibly privileged to have been placed under the Anantara brand throughout my program, and they have some of the most stunning properties in pristine locations, which honestly, doesn’t hurt!

6.    Leadership – Ultimately, with the ample support provided and projects involved, the program seeks to inspire the participants into sound leaders, with the ability to lead their respective teams. Personally, I’ve seen the value in knowing the needs and capabilities of my team in order to help develop them, while maximizing on their existing talents, so that the individuals and the team thrives.

It’s been a truly rewarding journey watching myself begin to morph into the leader I aspire to be, and I credit this to the dynamic experiences I’ve had in the past 18 months.
However, I’m wary of luring anyone to believe it has all been as dreamy as the crystal blue Maldivian waters that surround me, because rest assured, this has also been one of the most challenging experiences of my life in many aspects. From the complications of cultural and language barriers to fighting generational gaps, countless rejected proposals and juggling priorities, I have felt myself getting stretched out more than ever before. But the inherent silver lining; as I’ve been stretched I’ve discovered my true strength, found my voice, and delved deeper into my passion - delivering amazing experiences for guests.

It's amazing to see how far I am from my comfort zone, and how that specifically has allowed me to navigate and overcome the challenges I’ve had to deal with in a perceptive and graceful manner.  Overall, I can safely say that applying for the Ascent Graduate Journey is quite possibly the best career decision I've made to date, and getting picked out of 700+ applicants has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Filled with exciting challenges, endless learning & skill enhancement opportunities, the Ascent Graduate Journey is perfect in building young people to become effective leaders and managers within the hospitality sphere.