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As a young hotelier, trying to make your way in the hotel industry is challenging. The hospitality industry, everyone would agree, is an industry about people. Knowing how to interact with people is critical and being connected to the ‘right’ people can get you places in this industry. I have found that by practising four simple steps I have been able to meet industry experts and these people have contributed immensely to my growth as a young hotelier. Knowing the right people can potentially steer you onto the golden path of success.

Before coming to university, I was not a prominent individual who achieved sparkling recognition. However, at university, through networking, socializing and interacting, I have found myself connected to people who I can look up to, count on and work with. These people have helped me toward being the best young hotelier that I can be.

I have got to this point by applying the following four steps:

1. Getting involved

2. Being humble and respectful

3. Working hard

4. Being consistent

Brené Brown, a research professor at The University of Houston states that Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

As a student, I feel that an important aspect of university life is that you have choices. Making the right choices gives you the ability to make a profound difference. You can choose either to make a difference or you can simply drift along with the crowd. Unfortunately, many students fall prey to mediocrity and they choose to do the bare minimum and they miss out on getting the full university experience, of extending themselves and learning as much as they could.

The solution is to get involved. Whether you excel in academics, are elected to be part of the student council or take part in community upliftment projects, by stepping forward and standing out you’ve already set yourself apart from those who stand back. By stepping forward, you placed yourself in a position to influence the people around you.

When you step forward and accept a leadership position, a position of responsibility, you need to adopt the right attitude. Leaders can be self-important and arrogant if they forget that their responsibility is to lead others and show them a way by serving them. So, leadership requires the attitude and humility of a servant. Although we should always be respectful of other people, leadership demands that we show equal respect to all people, irrespective of their station in life.

If you are reading this article, and you work within the hospitality industry, then you will know that both hard work and consistency are what makes the difference between average service and outstanding service. Consistency and hard work; yield results, produce positive reviews, attract more guests and generate greater profits. Speaking from an individual perspective, working hard and being consistent helps one grow and develop. Working hard is satisfying. If you want to develop to your full potential, then you should push yourself, expose yourself to challenges that you normally wouldn’t attempt, and the result will be that you improve as a person and a young hotelier. If you work hard and consistently, you will also be leading the way for those around you to follow.

During my time at university, I have tried to put these four steps: being involved, being respectful and humble, working hard and being consistent into practice. By simply showing up, working hard and taking on challenges, I humbly think that I have managed to stand out and consequently, I was given a number of leadership opportunities. These leadership opportunities have enabled me to meet and form friendships with industry experts who have contributed immensely to my learning and development.

The point I am making is that the path to learning and striving to reach your potential in the hospitality industry is as simple as following four easy steps and making them a habit.

Sihle Eyles | LinkedIn

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