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Idea behind the Dream

Hospitality and business, the focus of our passions in life. It’s what we’ve studied, it’s what we read and it’s what we want to do with our lives! We hope to share this passion with you and explore the industries with a new perspective. Now we do have a few things to note. We are not experts in the industry. We are not geniuses in business, and we are definitely not here to tell you that what we say is the way forward. However, in this ever-changing industry, it is paramount that we keep ourselves up to date with the latest strategies, approaches and expectations that are found in the industry. As two best friends, we have always found ourselves benefiting from the inspiring support of one another throughout our friendship. We have consistently challenged, questioned and motivated each others aspirations to grow as young entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals. Additionally, in school, we knew how hard it was to get home from a long day and read the news instead of getting onto Netflix. However, in the attempt to develop a routine based around enhancing our knowledge and expertise, we have begun researching what we find to be interesting and we have always shared our insights with each other, testing each other and seeing what the other thought about our findings. While this habit of researching and analysing industry trends helped us grow as individuals, it was also used for assignments and work, as we both came across articles and posts that we found interesting. However, we have had our difficulties with remaining motivated and sticking to this routine and without one another’s support, this would have been a lot harder. This led to the development of Snag (Snag Hoteliers). Snag has come from the realization that we couldn’t be the only students that didn’t enjoy switching from Netflix to the news. Surely no students in their right minds would choose to read through heaps of PhD literature that they couldn’t relate to. Now we aren’t saying that you can use our work in your dissertations. Sadly, we aren’t qualified enough for that. However, we do hope that we can bring the industry to you in a more digestible, user-friendly way as topics are discussed from a young professional’s viewpoint. Through this, we hope to further our knowledge and gain experience in the industry but while we do that, we would like for other individuals in similar situations to benefit from it. Ultimately, we also would love to extend the invite out to you and anyone else you might think would enjoy partaking in this platform. Write a post, add a piece to one of our posts or share your story on Snag. After all, this platform is designed for you, whether you are an amateur, an expert or a stranger to the topics. So, get in touch with us and maybe we can find a way to get you onto Snag! Snag Co-founders, Dylan & Bradley

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