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Let me introduce myself. My name is Darina Pashkovska, I am Ukrainian and for the last 4 years, I have been living in one of the most gorgeous capitals in Europe, Vienna (Austria). If you’re guessing what I’m doing here, I am gaining my hospitality management and tourism bachelor’s degree from Modul University. I have had various courses related to the industry, from Mathematics & Statistics to Academic Writing and now I am doing the final stage of my studying journey. It has been an amazing experience for me, but not just because of the studying, I was able to be a part of Modul University Hotel Club, which is an organization with the aim of organising excursions to various hotels of Vienna throughout the year. While being one of the representatives of the club, the students of Modul University and I visited hotels such as the Park Hyatt, Bristol, The Imperial, Intercontinental, 25Hours hotel and others. It was a good opportunity for us as hospitality industry representatives to ask interesting questions and to compare how chain hotels and non-chain hotels work differently. Moreover, it was very significant experience that provided some background for what I am busy with now…

Would you like me to tell you more details about my current project? I’ll have to go back to April of 2020, when I got to know my partner Manuel, who just entered Modul University, however, he is the person who has been gaining experience in the hospitality industry for about 10 years. One day I received a call from him with a very exciting offer, Manuel suggested that we create a page on Instagram with the name « Solidarity with Hospitality » to promote direct bookings of hotels among potential guests and set a statement of support for the industry during these challenging times. At the beginning we were considering chain hotels as well as privately owned hotels, however, later we decided to change the content, the logo, the name and to create a hotel blog. We got another “partner” on board, our suitcase Oscar ;) - he loves travelling, so now he is the one who is appearing on most of our blog photos.

What about locations? We have started with the Viennese market but will expand to various regions of Austria as well as to several countries, such as Hungary, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and many more. Besides, we are creating overviews of private hotels only, so we have decided to go into a niche segment. It is an opportunity for us to support independent hotels, which might not have enough capacity for their advertising to compete with larger, corporate competitors. So, we are continuing to drive the direct bookings of hotels to aid in the private hotel sector. Additionally, we have a broad audience of potential followers. Our blog might be interesting to follow for hospitality industry representatives in order to know more about hotels because we are posting photos, videos as well as little-known facts about hotels. Also, people might find options of hotels where they can spend their journey, going through our posts as well as contacting us in order to receive some advice regarding hotels where we have visited and experienced first-hand. To conclude, I am satisfied with what I am doing now, because this is an amazing way to show the level of creativity I have and to help the hospitality industry by doing hotels’ reviews and, hopefully, increasing direct bookings.

Darina Pashkovska | LinkedIn | Hotelbreeze Instagram

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