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What is your interpretation of ambition?


I interpret ambition as being the driving force that pushes a person for success and the personal quality one must develop to maintain the process of achieving goals or dreams. Ambition is accompanied with words such as grit and perseverance, as without these traits, ambition is only feasible for basic objectives.  Ambition is influenced by external and internal factors; however, ambition should come from the internal willingness, more than anything else, as if someone wants to achieve a goal, the ambition and desire of achieving the goal would overcome all obstacles and external influence.  

Do you see your ambition and your youth, as a driving force going forward?


Yes, I do, I believe that currently in my position as a 20-year-old and almost finished with my first degree, I have nothing to lose. I have the drive of my newly acquired knowledge and passion for the industry to chase my dreams. Without having to fear failure as a “Game over “moment, but rather a stepping stone in the journey of my career. No one can design a successful company on their first attempt, so one should be ambitious and ready to fail at times. 

How do people view youth and ambition? 


This is a very tough question, as I believe that people tend to either view youth and ambition, as naivety and arrogance, especially from well-established successful people. While others see this as a positive and charismatic feature of a person. I think people should respect ambition in youth, as this indicates someone willing to excel for greatness and not accept the narrative of everyday life. However, this should be in retrospect of what the person is able to offer, with what evidence to prove their ability to achieve success and what sort of motivating factor is driving the person. 

When does ambition go from being a strength in your career to being a weakness?


Personally, I think there are three main events or factors that cause this. One being, when a person is so driven to achieve a goal, that they will do anything; include breaking the law or breaking ethical standards to achieve the goal no matter what. Secondly, when you become overly confident in your ambition, to the point you become arrogant, as there is a clear difference between ambition and arrogance. Which causes a person to lose their credibility and often, respect. Lastly, most importantly for me, is when ambition consumes you, to the point you do not value everyday life anymore, as you are forever on the grind for success. To the point that you forget to step back and look at the achievements of your family, your surroundings and just life in general, which is a weakness as you lose the value of life itself and you only identify with your career.