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We hear from a variety of individuals and delve into their experiences and perspectives of the industry. Differences in opinion are part of what makes us human, so, embrace it and let us know what you think!

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Ruvimbo Matanhire


Ruvimbo is an inspiring young woman who gave us the opportunity to hear all about her experience in the Minor Hotels Ascend Program. She delves into her challenges & personal development over her time with the program!


This interview looks at Natasha's experiences while working aboard a cruise ship and how she found herself there. If you have any questions or comments, head over to our social media!

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Nico dives into the challenging topic that is managing and predicting guests' expectations. The skill of knowing what your guest wants before they even do is what real hospitality is about. This is Nico's second Snag interview and we hope to see many more!


Amanda gives us great insight into how service delivery impacts the guests' experience and ultimately influences a property. This may seem like a simple concept, but, many in the industry forget these smaller details.

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Our first video interview with the confident & insightful Emily. This young hotelier explores her views on the difference between hospitality & service.


This young and hardworking individual gives us her insight into the world of the yachting industry and what her experience has been like transitioning into a new field of hospitality.

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Jason Marx - Headshot.jpeg


Jason's insight into the dynamic between ambition, success and personality. We ask Jason what he thinks about ambition and its role in a person's career and life.