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The Power of Procrastination

Being late to the party can actually work in your favour, unless you don’t make it to the party at all. Exploring proactive procrastination.

Delivering Luxury

Irrespective of the guest, creating memorable experiences and emotional engagement will be invaluable to everyone.

What is Luxury?

When genuine, authentic and meaningful – however big or small that emotional connection might be – this is what luxury hospitality is today.

Hospitality vs Service!

If hospitality is simply practised when serving a guest, then the true power of hospitality is being miss understood.

Idea behind the Dream

The whole story behind Snag from start to finish. We want to give you a bit of insight into who we are and the origin of Snag Hoteliers.

The Young Revenue Manager!

A personal reflection on how I see revenue management and what it means to a young revenue manager.